Uomo Onda Samuel Di Blasi

“I think that art, like swimming, represents a high ideal of life,” said Samuel. “Getting into the water every day, no longer feeling the boundary between sweat and water, meditating stroke after stroke and harmonizing with nature are highly artistic aspects that feel just like mine. Nature has always been my inspiration and the art of swimming has given me the desire to create a sculptural frame, a natural extension of the human anatomy. Things never happen by chance and the encounter with arena is another of these beautiful stories. arena believed in my work and gave me total freedom with the project that gave life to Uomo Onda. For this piece I chose to remain in Italy, specifically Pietrasanta, a globally recognized centre of sculpture, where I worked closely with the staff of the Mariani artistic foundry. Precisely because the artistic process requires total immersion in the various phases, I moved to a studio in Tuscany where I was able to take care of this and other projects. I wanted to clothe an athlete, a fighter who alone passes through the density of
matter, like a genesis; the swimmer and his surge towards the water perfectly portrays this idea.”